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Happy July

J + J

A happy July to you all! 

Were looking forward to this month! We have a lot to celebrate! We have some birthdays this month including soap-a-licious's birthday as well!!  We have so many cool things coming up soon! Lots of new products coming your way! 

We love your pictures! We appreciate you tagging us in your posts. Keep them coming. 

We had such an amazing weekend so far. Our good friends from Naples came up for a visit. We took the kids to the Clearwater Aquarium which was not as impressive as we had hoped. Then we went out for a nice sushi dinner. We followed that up the next day with a delicious waffle breakfast then the grown ups got to go to grown up Disney aka ikea. Then sadly our friends had returned to Naples and we have settled in to our normal routines again. However tonight we will do some small fireworks with the kids at the house before we call it a night and get back to work tomorrow. 

We we look forward to blogging more and letting you know what's going on here with us, less soap related more real life stuff.

Why Soap-a-licious

J + J

Why soap-a-licious?

When I first started making soap, it was with a manly mentality; I used to go to farmers markets and find foofy foofy soap scents; ocean breeze, clean linen, lavender roses (the list is horrible, can't continue, it's very painful, lol) they always catered to the 98% of the main consumer: women, leaving the husbands, the men, us on the curb.

Then, and once established we decided to cater to the very same 98%; ironic I know, but also staying truthful to our main core: "we are 110% natural, hand cut, and shaped rugged soap". It's not pretty or with amazing swirls, it's bad ass soap with bad ass ingredients, it's natural and it's just amazing soap, unlike other "hyped" soaps out there, our soap is intended for use and not for collection, "LIMITED" (really? Who does that? Oh yeah! my grandmother, but they are shaped like angels, flowers anddolphins, you get the idea). Its not about reinventing the wheel, just making it fast and better, with chrome rims and air shocks of course

So that at the end of the day this is my mission statement:
" To provide you with true, real awesome natural soap and products worth mentioning" . Because once you use it you will be hooked, we guaranteed it.


Happy New Year




Hello September/ By Jay

J + J

Hi! One of the great things about sharing a life with your spouse, you share the smiles, great moments, the remote control, pictures on Instagram, and of course this blog (Not Coffee)

We are excited about the fall, for me it means Halloween and Thanksgiving a moment when it’s a mandatory all you can eat buffet, not that I am on a diet, but I calibrate everything I eat to simply ruin it over the weekend.  I am the type of guy that starts diets every Monday just to loss track by Wednesday, hey I’ve worked hard to get “the husband pack" (not a six pack).

Candles, giveaways, new soaps and more shenanigans will come your way this month, especially videos on the face book (as my mother calls it) feel free to drop a suggestion, idea or even a hello anywhere we are, because we are everywhere #nostalker.


Not bad for my first blog post.



Summer is...

J + J

We love Summer! Summer means beach days, BBQ's, the sun staying out later, summer showers, not to mention all your favorite Soap-a-licious Summer Products! We LOVE Summer Cream, Beard Vacation and Sun Ninja just to name a few.

Although, as Summer does, it comes to a close and so do our long list of summer scented products! Get yours while they are still on the site!

Fall is right around the corner and we have an excellent seasonal line up for you! COMING SOON!!


xo, Jess

Sun Ninja!

J + J

Here is sunny (and already hot) Central Florida, we are seeing the need for our summer skin care. You will see your favorite sun lotion Sun Ninja on our site year round. Though, as we head into another warm summer, you need to make sure you protect your skin. Whether you apply coconut oil or use Sun Ninja, think about the protection you and your family need. What does that look like?

 A daily SPF for sure, applied more than once every few hours for those park days or beach days. Something to keep in mind is our lip balm has coconut oil in it. Coconut oil lends itself as a mild SPF as well. With our own family, we take all these things into consideration, even though the 4 of us have the tendency to bronze instead of burn, that doesn't mean that we don't get effects from the harshness of the sun. I don't know about you but I certainly don't want to worry about skin cancer or age spots later in life for myself or my children.

 We're always here if you have any questions!

 Happy Sunny March :)



What's your favorite soap?

J + J

 We loooooveee Natural soap! Obviously, since we make it. There are so many things that we love about Natural soap. To save time, we'll just list a few...

 First, natural soap leaves your skin feeling clean but not stripped of it's natural goodness. Which is so very important. Your skin needs it's oils, it just doesn't need the dirt and grim you pick up from your day to day doings.

 Second, knowing that we use strictly essential oils you can rest assured that your skin will not become over dried from the alcohol and chemicals that you find in fragrance. So something that may smell yummy, may be bad for your skin. It's important to read the labels!

 Third, we cannot get enough of the good for you things that we have put in our soaps! for instance, 7 Tigers has 7 good for your skin natural things. Acai & Goji soap has acai and goji, as you can imagine, which has good benefits for your skin also, Orca is so soft and moisturizing but the charcoal detox for your skin is out of this world, and that's just 3 of the soaps...

 So that gives you an idea of how delicious and good for your skin our soaps can be. Each one lists the description that tells you what each has in it and the benefits for your skin! So go shop! We said it's ok :)