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Happy July




Happy July

J + J

A happy July to you all! 

Were looking forward to this month! We have a lot to celebrate! We have some birthdays this month including soap-a-licious's birthday as well!!  We have so many cool things coming up soon! Lots of new products coming your way! 

We love your pictures! We appreciate you tagging us in your posts. Keep them coming. 

We had such an amazing weekend so far. Our good friends from Naples came up for a visit. We took the kids to the Clearwater Aquarium which was not as impressive as we had hoped. Then we went out for a nice sushi dinner. We followed that up the next day with a delicious waffle breakfast then the grown ups got to go to grown up Disney aka ikea. Then sadly our friends had returned to Naples and we have settled in to our normal routines again. However tonight we will do some small fireworks with the kids at the house before we call it a night and get back to work tomorrow. 

We we look forward to blogging more and letting you know what's going on here with us, less soap related more real life stuff.