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What's your favorite soap?

J + J

 We loooooveee Natural soap! Obviously, since we make it. There are so many things that we love about Natural soap. To save time, we'll just list a few...

 First, natural soap leaves your skin feeling clean but not stripped of it's natural goodness. Which is so very important. Your skin needs it's oils, it just doesn't need the dirt and grim you pick up from your day to day doings.

 Second, knowing that we use strictly essential oils you can rest assured that your skin will not become over dried from the alcohol and chemicals that you find in fragrance. So something that may smell yummy, may be bad for your skin. It's important to read the labels!

 Third, we cannot get enough of the good for you things that we have put in our soaps! for instance, 7 Tigers has 7 good for your skin natural things. Acai & Goji soap has acai and goji, as you can imagine, which has good benefits for your skin also, Orca is so soft and moisturizing but the charcoal detox for your skin is out of this world, and that's just 3 of the soaps...

 So that gives you an idea of how delicious and good for your skin our soaps can be. Each one lists the description that tells you what each has in it and the benefits for your skin! So go shop! We said it's ok :)