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Why Soap-a-licious

J + J

Why soap-a-licious?

When I first started making soap, it was with a manly mentality; I used to go to farmers markets and find foofy foofy soap scents; ocean breeze, clean linen, lavender roses (the list is horrible, can't continue, it's very painful, lol) they always catered to the 98% of the main consumer: women, leaving the husbands, the men, us on the curb.

Then, and once established we decided to cater to the very same 98%; ironic I know, but also staying truthful to our main core: "we are 110% natural, hand cut, and shaped rugged soap". It's not pretty or with amazing swirls, it's bad ass soap with bad ass ingredients, it's natural and it's just amazing soap, unlike other "hyped" soaps out there, our soap is intended for use and not for collection, "LIMITED" (really? Who does that? Oh yeah! my grandmother, but they are shaped like angels, flowers anddolphins, you get the idea). Its not about reinventing the wheel, just making it fast and better, with chrome rims and air shocks of course

So that at the end of the day this is my mission statement:
" To provide you with true, real awesome natural soap and products worth mentioning" . Because once you use it you will be hooked, we guaranteed it.


Happy New Year