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Sun Ninja!

J + J

Here is sunny (and already hot) Central Florida, we are seeing the need for our summer skin care. You will see your favorite sun lotion Sun Ninja on our site year round. Though, as we head into another warm summer, you need to make sure you protect your skin. Whether you apply coconut oil or use Sun Ninja, think about the protection you and your family need. What does that look like?

 A daily SPF for sure, applied more than once every few hours for those park days or beach days. Something to keep in mind is our lip balm has coconut oil in it. Coconut oil lends itself as a mild SPF as well. With our own family, we take all these things into consideration, even though the 4 of us have the tendency to bronze instead of burn, that doesn't mean that we don't get effects from the harshness of the sun. I don't know about you but I certainly don't want to worry about skin cancer or age spots later in life for myself or my children.

 We're always here if you have any questions!

 Happy Sunny March :)