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J + J

What does imagine mean to you? To me it's letting my creative side loose! I knit but sometimes I need another outlet for creativity.. lately that has been reimagining our space in our house.

I have found myself redecorating our house, reorganizing, de-cluttering. I find more often than not I am going back to de-clutter the same places. Which means I have not gotten rid of enough things. I know that it will get to a point that it will not take as much of my focus but until then I just keep pressing on. 

Why does that matter to you, our soap fans? It comes down to finding the right things in your life, in your personal space. Whatever that may be. For us, we've got the soap thing down and the deodorant thing down... So what's next? For me it's sunscreen and making sure I'm doing the best  things for my kids, which comes back to my tidying. Making their spaces cleaner and have their favorite things more easily accessible, which increases their imagination almost immediately. Which is so important for kids! 

This serves as your friendly reminder that natural soap is where it's at. So if you haven't tried our soap or haven't switched to natural deodorant, why not? Go to your bathroom, throw out your chemical soaps and order. Why not minimize there, so then it makes other things simpler too. We're working on a home line too. So it's basically going to be a one stop shop for all things natural. Stay tuned for that home line coming soon.