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J + J


I know, who likes Mondays? The name alone even sounds heavy.. MONNNNDAAAAYYY YUCK! Other words that rhymes with Monday, yucknday, wackday, borenday, sucknday, anotherweekgoesbyandidntdoshitday...

You take my love ones to work, school, to class, leaving nothing but sadness and sorrow behind, and all the awesome feelings that I had over the weekend are now are left with lots of I miss yous' and come back to mes' My first emotional deception with Monday started when I was in kindergarten; yes i can remember bits and pieces, but Monday took my happiness that I had earned the over the weekend, yes Monday and it's cronies always managed to bring me back to reality and then some, the only good Monday, is a Holiday Monday. Then adulthood hits and you have the "I have to workbug" Mondays; back at it again to remind me of things like adulthood and what comes with it with, big words like responsibilities and parenthood. But let's stay positive.. Monday is a reminder that Tuesday is tomorrow and then Wednesday and so..another 1/2 week passed and then by Wednesday afternoon we are like is it Friday yet? " Monday, Monday I hated you Monday.. universal reminder another week goes by and then another month; and the only way I can tolerate, respect and deal with you Monday is... Saturdays Saturday..❤️