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Healthier Skin

J + J

Hey ladies,

So I just want to do a little intro into skin care and how our products and doTerra oils can be beneficial. The idea isn't having 20 different products for 20 different things. Really! It doesn't make sense (for your budget or your counterspace).

That being said, let's jump in!

First, I actually don't normally use soap. (Yes, we make soaps that are more than gentle enough for your skin.) Morning routine is not as crucial as an Evening Routine. What?! Oh, I know!! I totally shattered your universe now. Sorry! Let's get to the evening routine. My Evening Routine involves taking off my make up and moisturizing before bed. Ideally, I do this pre-work out, as with my routine I work out in the early evening before cooking dinner, I hate having a sweaty-make-up from all day face when cooking. To remove make-up, I rub a coconut/ Vitamin E/ Lavender Essential Oil combo on my skin. I premix this and keep it in a one ounce bottle with a little spout. I pour it out onto a cotton ball or clean fingers and massage onto my face. Covering the whole surface, eyelids, cheeks, forehead etc. I then, soak a wash cloth in HOT water. Wring it out, then I place it on my face for 10 seconds. I then wipe away the excess oil and make-up. Once you are done removing the excess oil, wring out the wash cloth as it can be used for a second day. Now that you have done this, you will probably see a slight sheen on your face. Leave it. It's the left over oils that will moisturize, restore and regenerate your skin. I do not apply an additional moisturizer at night, I do find that this method is more than enough moisture for my skin all night.  

I have found that this is a simple and easy way to remove most kinds of make-up. I do have a water proof mascara that comes off easily with this method.

So, the morning routine that follows this is I simply take the same wash cloth, soak it in cool water and gently wipe my face. Removing any excess oils from over night that may be on the skin, but not depleting it from the skin entirely.

I'll continue to post natural skin care tips once a week or so.  If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me!

XO, Jessica