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Valentines Day, in stores near you...




Valentines Day, in stores near you...

J + J

Valentines Day

 Well, It's almost the middle of January so that pretty much guarantees that the Valentines Day things are taking over the stores! We were in Target over the weekend, as many families do, and sure enough Valentines has taken over! While the hubby was browsing new BBQ's, I took a quick tour through the pink and red isles and admired the candy that is not in my New Year, New You lifestyle plan! HAHA

 It got me thinking that it's time to start planning what we're going to do for Valentines day! But it also had me thinking about you guys! If you have someone in you life you love that you know would appreciate some natural skin or beard care, get to shopping! A beard care kit, or a mommy + baby kit or just a collection of their favorite soap-a-licious items are perfect for Valentines day!!

 Start your shopping early, especially if you are counting on shipping!! I would suggest the last possible day to ship would be the 8th of February! So consider this ample warning and get moving :)

 You don't want to be the last minute person hoping their are still roses left on February 14th, right hunny?! ;)

 What do you guys do for Valentines Day? Is it a super special day for you? Or do you just chalk it up to commercialism?

Feel free to comment below, ask any questions or if you are in need of suggestions!! :)