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Soap-a-licious Travel Kit

J + J

Whew! What a weekend! The Mr's birthday is tomorrow, so we went to Disney to celebrate over the weekend! The girls loved it and so did we! And boy am I glad that I packed our travel kit! Not the toothbrushes etc although I did pack those too. I'm talking about our Soap-a-licious Travel kit: Mini Deodorant, travel size soaps and body bar! What a life saver!

Packing this means I didn't have to bring our regular size deodorants (Yay! More room to stash yarn). A few small soaps are perfect for on the go! You won't waste a large bar or have to worry about what to do with a regular size bar to repack after use. A small bar is perfect for a few washes and you can easily wrap it up to repack. Then the body bar! Let me just say that going anywhere without our natural products is so much less enjoyable. I find my skin to be more dry and just over all less supple. Not that I had tons of time for my normal skin care routine, BUT since these things are part of my normal routine, I knew I would not have to reapply etc.

This kit is designed for travel! Whether your stay is long or short, its the perfect companion and easy to fly with, too. No pesky bottles and liquids to worry about.

Other items that we packed: Sun Ninja! Sun Ninja is perfect to tuck in a pocket, or a purse or backpack. We coated the kids and ourselves before we left the hotel and actually did not reapply, since we were in the shade a lot. If we were in direct sun, then we would have reapplied several times throughout the day. No one ended up sunburned, one bit! Go, Sun Ninja!

I also packed the travel size Baby Butt Balm. Easy to stash in with the diapers and wipes. Quick to use and put away too!!

All in all, a fun filled weekend accompanied by our Natural products could not have been better! No chemical-filled cheap (no matter where you stay) hotel products that they buy by the 1,000's for next to nothing. They don't worry about your skin care.. We do! Check out the Travel kit on the site today!