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A Review + Happy 4th of July!

J + J


Ok, so I'm just gonna throw this out there.... I'm a lip bitter. (My own, not other peoples) I will kind of bit at my lip especially if they are dry or chapped. I do this without thinking about it, I suppose it's an anxious habit if I have a lot on my mind or a lot to do. However, I have been using our Sugar Lips Scrub and following it up with our Shimmer Lip Balm, and let me tell you just how incredibly soft my lips are!! Check out this awesome video here! Thanks Miguel and Nikesha for taking the time to share this with us! (btw, this is her opinion and not a paid ad) :)

You have probably noticed more items coming out that are geared towards the ladies on our site.  The hubby and I have been working on this together, so that we can ensure there are things that are not only MUST HAVE items for all moms but women/ladies/girls in general! If you have anything you want to see that we haven't created already please shoot me an email @ and let me know! We love you guys and we love creating natural products that you love! So your feedback is important to us!

Happy Early 4th!! Hope you have a fun SAFE weekend!

XO -Jess