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Holiday Season

J + J

Holiday season


Well the holiday season is in full swing. We have all our decorations up and have already made a batch of sugar cookies with Grandma. We assembled, decorated and ate our first gingerbread house... which J (who's 3 is still asking for because she loved it). Another great thing about the holiday season is your favorite holiday soap Holly Jolly is back in stock. This soap makes an excellent gift for teachers or stocking stuffer for your favorite aunt!

With holiday parties in full swing, we are also out buying more clothes, outfits and gifts. Something to keep in mind while you are out shopping, look at what the items you are buying are made of. I am a pretty big fan of nice hand bags, and recently I was looking at getting a new handbag. I was looking at the materials they are made of. Granted I realized there are synthetic materials in some of these to help bring the cost down, and other chemicals like glues, stainguards, etc are necessary.

However, I could not help but notice on one of the tags was a required warning that this particular hand bag was made with products that were known to contribute to causing cancer and birth defects. That being said, I did not come home with that hand bag. I am grateful for the cautionary warning, but it made me think about #slowfashion which is growing in popularity, at least within the fiber industry (I am knitter for those who do not follow me on instagram @ajeepgirl). In slow fashion, people are not rushing out to buy clothes or other items that they can make themselves or buy from someone who handcrafts them. Instead they are taking the time to make these things.

And NO, we don't all have time to make our own clothes, but we most certainly can pay closer attention to the materials that are used in manufacturing. Supporting small businesses who take the time to ensure that their products are natural and made with the highest quality is high on my priority list when I am shopping for my family! We've been looking for a wooden toy kitchen for our girls and I have come across lots and lots of plastic ones, but the idea that the chemicals in the plastics are not good overtime for my girls is really important to me.

So this holiday season while you are hunting for the perfect gift, the best holiday outfit or something lovely to add to your home, stop and think about these things:

1).what you are buying?

2). where it comes from? 

3). what it is made with? and

4). is there a more natural company you can find that makes something similar?

This is what we strive to do for you create a natural, handcrafted product that is kinder to you and the environment. #naturalmatters #doyousoapalicious