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Let Me Tell You About My Birthday Weekend




Let Me Tell You About My Birthday Weekend

J + J

Happy Sunday


As I listen to the Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the devil” I can’t help jamming in my desk. So let me tell you about my birthday weekend, yes it’s a weekend thing for now, as I get older I will be adding more days, stay posted.


Started like my everyday Friday, breakfast, beets carrot and orange juice blend (it’s my natural red bull) followed by answering emails, packaging orders, cutting soap, packaging soap, play time with the girls, snap chat with the girls, my little pony distribution between the two girls, becoming Judge Judy in the case of Juliet vs Jade for the rights of who loves more Pinky Pie or Fluttershy (those are pony names; oh man, what has become of me, Save me lord) And here comes lunch.

So after, lunch, laundry, vacuum, and cleaning the house (yes I eat too) I'm ready to meet my boss, I mean my beautiful wife that, not only she took me out for sushy (seems it’s our new thing to do now/ yay for adulting!) then out to the movies to watch THE HOUSE with Will Ferrel; finished movie. Saturday went to the Replay Museum; a pin ball machine/videos game museum, I mean it was siiiiiccccckkkkk, all the coolest video games and all the pin ball machines you can handle for 13 bucks, I know right!!


In short I had a blast!!  (Am I ever gonna stop writing?..Never!) It was the best birthday ever! Not parties, notbooze, no meh! moments; the wife outdid herself! Wich brings me to the very same yearly scary question: How am I gonna out do hers??




PS Thanks to everyone for the awesome wishes on my Birthday, you guys are amazing!