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Hello, my name is Jay and I'm the face behind SOAP-A-LICIOUS with my super awesome wife Jessica; when she got pregnant with our first daughter and started looking for healthy, natural products to rub on her belly, she reacted badly to some of the store bought things, around the same frame time I went to see a dermatologist to which he prescribed me a cream with alcohol as an active ingredient that would "treat" my seasonal psoriasis/ mild eczema.

Dissappointed, frustrated and angry, I began the journey of studying and learning natural ways to care for our skin and body. The journey started in 2011, in a time when no one around in our area made real, true natural soap, let me explain: REAL SOAP is made with natural vegan oils, natural additives and natural essential oils, see the pattern? Natural.

One day shopping in our local farmer’s market, I pointed out that the local soap stand never had a masculine soap scents for guys and they all were melt and pour glycerin based soaps; Jessica annoyed and with a defiant voice (you all know that voice, if you ever been married) she told me if I thought that I can do a better job I can use $40.00 from our "Fun Budget" and that maybe I should try to make one for myself; maybe in a weird way to get me to be quiet, maybe she could see greatness in the making or just being supported; either way CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

My first batch consisted of an olive and coconut oil soap scented with lavender essential oils; it was a cool and funny looking bar, a tea tree soap bar follow and before we knew, I was surrounded by soaps. When the birthdays and holidays came they became a sensational realization to see how my friends and family love them, and not in the " I'm your friend and I so I have to love them kind of way" The next challenge came one summer day when I proposed the "wife" to be at that very same farmer's market and sell my natural soaps. Jessica with the love, support and hope that new challenges always bring, told me to go again to the Fun Jar and take $30.00 dollars. 8 years later passed, since that incredible moment that changed our lives.

The impact we bring our customers and our community is amazingly affected from the moment you buy our soaps and products, by cutting the "Middle Man" and therefore bringing you real savings to your wallet; a big portion of our revenue goes back out to support local small business like ourselves by outsourcing  raw materials from natural producers, like beekeepers, fair trade farmers and small soap companies suppliers to mention a few; therefore giving back by continuing to provide jobs to our community and not big corporations.

We love connecting with you guys and sharing your photos! I also post a weekly or so blog on here, with thoughts, tips and just general ramblings so feel free to check that out too.

FACT: One of the things I love most is reading the emails or posts that you guys send that say how much you love these products too! That is what continues to drive our business and our passion: It’s natural & it matters.

Jay + Jess